Magical Girl D.VA Cosplay


Among all of Overwatch’s playable characters, D.Va seems to be a favorite when it comes to cosplaying and while the game already has its own set of costumes for its characters, this does not prevent the wonderful citizens of the online world to create and upload their own version of costumes for the characters.

Here’s a cosplay of Magical Girl version of D.Va that sprung from a fanart that got its popularity boosted the moment it had made its way to reddit, with some people even saying that they would pay gold if this was indeed turned into an official skin.

If there’s one FPS game that’s not going to go out of trend soon, it’s probably Overwatch, one of Blizzard Entertainment’s current main franchises apart from Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft. So if you haven’t thought of giving this game a go, you probably should!

All photos and credits belong to this cosplayer: 只是简言


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