The Best Cosplay of PAX Prime 2015


Another year, another awesome PAX Prime, and along with it, epic cosplays of all shapes and sizes. For the unfamiliar, PAX (or Penny Arcade Expo) is a bunch of annual events where gamers and game developers congregate and celebrate the industry through game-related exhibits, panels and contests. Over time, as with most geek-related gatherings, cosplayers started attending the yearly conventions, donning their favorite game (and even non-game) characters’ costumes and ensembles. Some of them are even hired by the developers and publishers to showcase the characters in their games for the big events. It’s that hardcore, folks!

World of Warcraft's Blood Elf

World of Warcraft’s Blood Elf

Fallout New Vegas's NCR Ranger

Fallout New Vegas’ NCR Ranger

God of War's Kratos

God of War’s Kratos

Doctor Who's Dalek

Doctor Who’s Dalek

Kudos to the folks over at BasedGamer for a fantastic video showcase of the event’s cosplay. I loved their “cinematic slow motion” effect – really brings out the “character” out of the cosplayer. If you’re interested in more of their stuff, they also have a Facebook account and Twitter channel.


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