Warmachine’s Allison Jakes by AllieCat Cosplay at PAX Prime 2015


Today’s cosplay spotlight is brought to you by AllieCat Cosplay featuring Lieutenant Allison Jakes of the tabletop game Warmachine. Now, what is Warmachine, you ask? No, it’s not that guy from the Iron Man movies. I’m not exactly that familiar with the franchise as well, but it’s basically a tabletop game (yes, people still play these games in this day and age of computers and the Internet) where players employ steampunk technologies to battle each other, utilizing troops consisting of humans and fantasy-inspired races. All I know is that it’s a pretty expensive hobby, even if you’re going casual with it, so I haven’t bothered dipping my hands into the whole gig.

AllieCat, real name Allie Rose-Marie Leost, is a relatively new cosplayer from Canada. Currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Allie is a graduate of The Art Institute of Vancouver with a diploma in Animation, Art & Design. A self-diagnosed “weapon of mass creation”, Allie is a 3D Animator by trade, with experience in various art mediums ranging from acrylic paintings to clay sculptures. Talk about an insanely talented cosplayer! No wonder she’s able to make masterpiece cosplay outfits like this one.

Professional quality cosplay here, folks. Just look at the detailing and the craftsmanship and you’ll see. Legendary grade. And she’s barely into the cosplay gig too! Imagine the kind of costumes she’ll be making in the future. This is one gal you definitely need to keep an eye out for. I’m seriously looking forward to more of AllieCat’s work.

AllieCat has an official website. She also has a Facebook account, a Tumblr page, a DeviantArt profile and a Twitter channel for all your social media needs.

The first photo was taken by Martin Wong Photography at the recent PAX Prime 2015 in Seattle, Washington.

AllieCat's Allison Jakes
AllieCat's Allison Jakes
Warmachine's Lieutenant Allison Jakes


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