D.Va’s Got Her Game Face On!

So, I hear you like Overwatch. That means you’d appreciate a good cosplay, yeah? Overwatch is among the top if not the best multiplayer first person shooting game to hit the markets in 2016. Probably the only complaint I have for this new game is that it doesn’t have enough complaints. It’s too good to be true with all its beautiful visuals and distinct characters.

After all the hype over the game release of Overwatch I’m pretty sure you know what’s next…bring out the cosplays!!! Some might still be taking the time to create their costumes however there are also some cosplayers who’re just so quick with getting their Overwatch cosplays shot and posted up it’s almost magical. Among them is Korea’s very own, Aza Miyuko who chose to cosplay “D.Va” – one of the heroes in Overwatch. She’s a former gamer turned mech-pilot who now serves as one of the “Tank” characters in the game.

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