Admiral, you called for Shigure?


Hey, admiral, you better put on your hat and get ready to leave! Because your battle ship has arrived and is waiting for you at the beach. Here’s another summer-inspired cosplay. This time, it’s of Kantai Collection‘s adorable destroyer ship girl, Shigure, who is adorably portrayed by Chinese cosplayer Zuǒ qiū mǐ (左丘米).

The year the game, Kantai Collection, was released in Japan, cosplayers stormed the country’s anime and game events clad in cosplays of the characters from the popular web browser game. Pretty soon, an anime was released, which only drew even more attention to the game from an international audience.

Despite the game being only restricted to the Japanese audience and despite the language being purely in Japanese language at first, this didn’t stop resourceful overseas fans and cosplayers from playing the game and researching about their favorite ship girl. What can I say? If there’s a will, there’s a way!


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