Battleship Girl Iowa Cosplay By Olivie


If you’re a fan of the Kantai Collection franchise, a fan of cosplay, and if you follow the wonderfully talented Hong Kong cosplayer, Olivie, then you would be delighted to know that she has yet again cosplayed another masterpiece. This time, of one of the girls from Kancolle, namely the ship girl, Iowa. This is in line with her recently released photobook which includes an exclusive bikini photoset of the battle ship girl, Iowa. If you’d like more information regarding Olivie’s photobook you can click HERE.

A little background on Kantai Collection just in case some of you are wondering, it is a popular Japanese web browser game where in you play the admiral of a fleet of ships who go on a mission to fight enemies called Abyssals. But these aren’t just ordinary ships, they are ship girls and there are over 200 of them. If you’re not all up for checking out the game, there is also series of the same name based from the game that you might like!


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