Hey Admiral, Iowa Has Arrived!


In the popular browser game, Kantai Collection, nobody ever expected for US navy ships to be joining the group so soon but it happened. Back in 2016, Iowa became the first US Navy ship girl who appeared in the browser game. Iowa’s appearance, cleared up all the controversy that the Enemy ships called Abyssals were representations of the US fleet during World War II. But wait, so who are the enemy? The answer, an alien fleet. Let’s just leave it at that.

It’s a fact that playing the game requires reading “moon runes” since it’s not translated and not to mention it may not even be available in your current region yet. So if you have no intention of playing the game or not even heard of the game, it’s quite alright. You’ll still be able to enjoy this cosplay even if you haven’t! Here’s Japanese cosplayer, Saku’s cosplay of Kantai Collection’s playful American battleship, Iowa.


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