Kashima from KanColle


All the gamers would have probably heard about KanColle or Kantai Collection (“Combined Fleet Girls Collection”). KanColle is a Japanese free-to-play web browser game developed by Kadokawa Games.

Keekihime, the cosplayer from Austria/Germany said that they took the shot where she is Kashima of Kantai Collection and she was from 4 photshoots that day so she was very tired. Maybe that’s the reason why she’s sitting on all of her photos.

Keekihime is sort of a perfectionist where she wants her photos taken perfectly and then edit some and upload it on her Facebook page. However, the most frustrating thing she encountered is that nobody seemed to know the character she’s portraying.

The game was only launched by Kadokawa Games last 2013 and so far, not that much exposure so there’s no wonder only a few knows about the game and/or the characters. Still, this is still a great cosplay!


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