Kancolle Cosplayer Reveals Before And After Edits


There are two interesting points in this cosplay.

One, is that it’s a Kantai Collection cosplay but it’s not a cosplay of the main characters. With the huge number of good looking “good gals” they can portray, we don’t see a lot of cosplays of the monochrome-loving baddies called “abyssal”.

The second, is that the cosplayer shared the pre and post processing images of the cinematic cosplay photo. So if you have ever wondered how these photos looked like, today is your lucky day, because this cosplayer is brave enough to reveal what a lot of cosplayers and photographers are afraid of showing to the public.

Not everyone is gifted financially, technologically, and skillfully to be able to take great SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) photos. Yes, it’s not all in the wrist, that’s a sad truth. It’s also in the equipment and its settings.

Expectantly, the pre-processed photo looks plain, but cleanly and beautifully photographed. That is an important thing if you want something easier to work with. The final output, observably looks a lot fluid and is edited to be more dynamic. It has that animated gleam to it and the colors make the photo seem more “movie-like” as what is expected in cinematic cosplay photographs.

Cosplayer: 狐裂


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