Alyson Tabbitha Teaches How To Transform Into Nebula


I love amazing cosplay makeup, and Alyson Tabbitha is certainly showing us some of that as she transforms herself into Nebula from the Guardians Of The Galaxy while teaching us how to do the same!

She starts off with putting on the bald cap, which begins by preparing her hair to be stuffed underneath it. She glues the bald cap on with Pros-aide around her head and neck and once the glue is dry she cuts off the excess and then glues the rest down too. She then uses the headpiece and eyepiece to help her map out where the lines on the makeup will be and draws them on for guidance. She uses Mehron water activated face paint and applies it all over her face and head with a sponge, and she uses two different shades of blue to give depth. Then she applies the purple in the center area and follows down those two initial lines before adding some purple eyeshadow on the nose to contour her nose and then uses some creme paint to blend. She highlights along her jawline, cheekbones and forehead too, and uses some turquoise eyeshadow over the blue paint to give some extra dimension and color to the skin. A little black eyeshadow stippled on makes her look a little dirty, and then some dark blue powder contours the face.

She glues down her left eyebrow to protect it from the eyepiece when it is glued on and the right one gets filled in, and she lines her eyes with some black liner. Some purple facepaint then goes on her lips and a darker purple eyeshadow goes on her eyelids and as an under nose contour. She uses a little makeup to add some rippling under her eye for the applique, and then puts in some mini black sclera lenses before lining her eyes with black liquid eyeliner and adding lashes and mascara. A purple blue pencil fills in her lips and then it is time to glue on the head and face pieces. To finish things off she does all of the lines with black liquid eyeliner and then touches up any areas that might need it before setting it with translucent setting powder. And that is it, you are ready to do Thanos’s dirty work, or work against him, or both! Check out more of Alyson Tabbitha‘s tutorials on her Youtube channel and check out her social media too!




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