Alyson Tabbitha Kills It In This Widowmaker Tutorial


Ever wanted to be an incredibly sexy French assassin? Well, now you can be with this Widowmaker  (From Overwatch) cosplay makeup tutorial. Alyson Tabbitha is recreating the Talon skin for Amelie, and it is a look that will turn heads at every convention or party.

She starts by applying her foundation nice and thick to make for that video game look, and she uses Revlon Colorstay for this. She then uses a Sedona Lace palette to highlight her face and she applies it in a heart shape around her face. She buffs all of that in and blends before contouring her nose with an Elf eyeshadow palette as well as some under her brow bone to deepen her eyes. She then highlights her nose and contours her jawline to make it look more cartoonish. Then she contours her cheekbones and hairline with the same color, giving her face a more triangle shape as she does so before also using a nice pink blush that contrasts with the darker contour well.

She then uses her signature eyeshadow palette from Surreal Cosmetics in a charcoal color to her eyelids and drags it up from her eye as she blends it out. She then brings it to her underlash area and adds some lighter color to her underbrow. Then she uses an eyeliner pencil to create her eyebrows, and then puts in her yellow lenses from Uniqso. She uses black liquid eyeliner to create a dramatic winged look and puts some blue color from her palette over the black on her lid.

A blue purple lip pencil gets used to line her lips and she shapes the lips to look more like Widowmaker’s more pursed lips. Then she uses some Surreal lip gloss in flamingo to add some pink shimmer to the lips, and also adds a little pink to her collarbone area too. She sets her makeup before adding some mascara and lashes, and then it is wig time. She puts her hair in a net and puts the wig on and some finishing touches including the cosplay pieces.

Alyson Tabbitha has a longer video that covers the entire cosplay that you might want to check out too, but this will get you on your way to slaying people with this killer look!




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