Look Extremely Cool With This Elsa Makeup Tutorial

With Frozen 2 freezerburning up the box office and taking us Into The Unknown, you may be looking for some tips on how to cosplay as Elsa for your next convention or night of watching Disney Plus at home. Well, Alyson Tabbitha is here to save your day and help you look cool no matter the occasion with this makeup transformation tutorial.

She starts off by applying an Elmer’s glue stick to the hairs on the side of the hairline above her ears and then applying foundation all over her face and on the area of her hair that is glued down. She sets that with some Bare Minerals powder foundation. Another layer of both foundations on the glued down hair. She uses a cool tone blush on the apples of her cheeks and nose to give herself a rosy glow, and uses a light powder on the side of her nose, undereyes, browbone, mouth and jawline to brighten those areas. Some shimmery overshadow serves as a highlighter and she puts some on the tip of her nose and upper lip first before dusting it over the tops of her cheekbones. A little more light powder under and between her eyes give her more brightness, and then she does her brows to emulate Elsa’s and look more animated. Using some dark brown eyeshadow she contours her jawline to make it look pointier, as well as under her nose, lips, and around her forehead.

Moving to her eyes she uses a vivid pink eyeshadow from Surreal Makeup and covers her lid with it while also dragging it slightly outward and upward. She then brightens up the area around the eyes with more light powder before going in with an assortment of eyeshadow colors to add more pop and depth to the color as well as blending it out more and using some shimmery white for inner eye and under brow highlight. She then puts in some ice blue colored contacts. Her lips then get lined with a burgundy liner, and she lines it small because Elsa has small lips. A vivid pink lip liner from Surreal is then blended with the liner, giving a shimmery and almost ombre effect. She moves back to the eyes to line them with a thick line and slight wing to give the eyes a bigger animated look. A little purple eyeshadow then goes around the point of the liner and in the crease before she puts on her lashes and mascara.

After that it is a matter of prepping and pinning her hair for the wig and placing the wig on her head and gluing it down to finish off the look and she is ready to chill as Elsa! This is a great and simple to follow tutorial and you should check out this one and more from Alyson Tabbitha on her channel!



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