Fight For The Evil Horde As Catra With This Makeup Tutorial


Suzie Cosplay is giving us a look that will have you captaining Hordak’s armies against the Princesses of Power as she shows you how to turn into Catra from She-Ra! She starts things off by pulling her hair back and putting her contacts in, using UNIQSO Sweety Queen Blue Green and Gold Yellow so she has the two different color eyes. With her contacts in, she puts some Makeup Mekka Creamy color correcting concealer in a pink shade under her eyes and a green shade around her nose and chin to even out her color. She then takes and mixes Makeup Mekka Soft Dewy Hydrating Foundation and Max Factor 3 in 1 foundation together and applies it with a beauty blender. With foundation applied, she sets it with Makeup Mekka Matte on the Go baked transparent powder. Makeup Revolution’s Ultra Sculpt and Contour kit in the ultra light/medium color is used contour her cheeks and nose, as well as around her jaw and hairline.

Moving to the eye area, she uses the Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow palette to fill in and shape her brows and a mixture of Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir eyeshadows are used to give the right look to her lids and undereye. A liquid liner pen is used to make a cat eye (Catra-eye?) and she puts on some mascara before applying her lashes and inner corner highlight.

Catra has this very unique darker area across the center of her face and she recreates it  with Dior Bronzer applied across the bridge of the nose and cheeks. She then takes some gel liner on a brush and uses it to make the freckles that dot that darkened area of her face. She sets all of it and does a little blending and it is time to move on to the lips. She uses Makeup Mekka cream in Nude and Rude on her lips first and then adds some gel liner in the corners of her mouth for definition before layering the same brand lipstick in the color Release. To finish off the makeup she highlights with Makeup Mekka Halo Me baked highlighter and Revolution Highighter.

After this, she just puts on her headpiece and wig and the look is complete! Now you too can pull off this Catra look, so be sure to check out Suzie Cosplay on her YouTube as well as following her social media!





sry for almost being out of frame several times, Im not used to being in front of camera yet.


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