Mad and Cold Asuka


“It is simply the duty of the elite to protect the ignorant masses.” One of the best and popular anime in history, Neon Genesis Evangelion. This line was said by Asuka Shinikami Langley. She is a character from Rebuild of Evangelion who makes her debut in the second movie of the quadrilogy, Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. She is the designated pilot of the Evangelion Unit-02 (including its repaired variations), as well as the test pilot of the ill-fated Evangelion Unit-03. Asuka is a strawberry blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl. She is first shown as hot-headed and very proud of herself. She later warms up more to Shinji and the others though, as she feels attraction towards Shinji.

Damn that space suit really is a very detailed one. You can see that it’s well made because of the quality of the materials and even in the smallest details like the plugs, the lining in each and every part of the body. Beside the outfit itself, the cosplayer’s portrayal of Asuka in Evangelion 3.0 is perfect! The perfect imitation of her cold attitude in 3.0 and the aggressiveness can be seen! Even with that small and pretty face you can feel the madness flowing in her.

This cosplay for today with the great aura of professionalism, effort and excellence was brought to us by the professional photographer specializing in Cosplay Photography, Shiro Ang Photograhy. Shiro Ang is a young photographer who would love to travel around the world more, meeting and working with new people, getting expose to their culture, understanding and connecting with people. He is currently based in Singapore, but he is available for both local and international assignments, advertising, and invitations. Shiro Ang brings out the potential of every model through the settings, editing and other pre-shoot setups so let’s support Shiro Ang and his model, Hydeoaoi by following him on Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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