Kelly Kirstein Shows Us How To Transform Into Blue Diamond


If you are a Steven Universe fan, Kelly Kirstein has the makeup tutorial for you as she transforms herself into Blue Diamond. She does other Gems as well and if you are looking for more you should check out her channel, especially after seeing what amazing work she does here.

She starts off by making the tears with hot glue on a porcelain plate for easy peeling later. She then starts her foundation with a clown white lite base from Mehron and covers her face and neck with it. She then uses the blue Mehron creme stick next, placing strokes in the contour points and blending out to everywhere else. She then dabs a NYX lipstick in Blue Velvet on her face to give a bit of a teal tint and then blends it in over the rest before returning to the blue stick on the contour points to use as a contour this time. A layer of clown white then goes on the highlight points to brighten and bring up some areas before she bakes with some powder for a bit to let the bodypaint set well before brushing off the excess.

More contour comes now to shape the face and prevent a moon faced type look as well as emphasize the sad visuals of the character. A shimmery white highlight is the places on the cheekbones, upper lip and other points that want highlighted and she then adds some eyeshadow base. She creates the crease with a high brow look and then draws on the brows from that high point to give a sad and somber expression. She adds more dark shadow to her crease and some clown white to her under eye area to help make her eyes look more downward and sad, making sure to good some solid shading and blending as she ads the darker colors under. A bit of white to cut the crease helps again to shape the eyes, and then liner goes along the newly created lines of the eyes.  Some mascara and shimmer finishes the eye and she then moves on to line and fill her lips and create a pouty look with them. She then puts on her lashes on top and bottom and gluing the hot glue tears to her face.

After all that is it time to put on the wig and costume to complete the look, and you will be looking like quite the gem! See more of her makeup tutorials including the other Gems she has done on her YouTube and social media.

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Thanks so much for watching!

Sorry the audio sounds a bit distorted, there was an awful thunderstorm outside when I recorded. You can even hear the booms at some points! 😂

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Mini hot glue gun and stick
LA Girl primer
Mehron Clown White lite
Mehron cream stick in Blue
NYX Macaron lippies in Blue Velvet
Real Techniques blending sponge
Ben Nyde Transparent Setting Powder
NYX Primal Colors Pressed Pigments Face Powder in Hot Blue
Morphe Palette 12P
LA Colors Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow in Snow White
Liquid Eyeliner
Tarte Mascara
NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Jet Set
Kiss Super Strong Hold Eyelash Glue
Mink Lashes from Dodolashes

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