Hot Dorothy Gives You An Exquisite Christmas Treat


Dorothy is here to help you celebrate Christmas with this BlueBlood set that has lots of sexy sights for you to enjoy on this holiday season.

It starts with plenty of bright colors combined with Dorothy’s sexiness and her creative BarelyEvil style with her lovely pink hair and the bright makeup with festive decorations all over her face that help display her fun personality and a high level of sexiness that maintains your eyes glued to her gorgeous self.

Dorothy is wearing a Santa hat and red and white stripped stockings that make her look like a sexy candy cane, while they add a jolly look to her as she gets naughty and gives you a 360° view of her hot and almost completely bare figure that is only covered by some tinsel, which results in some very interesting views whenever she moves or switches between sensual poses and allows her to demonstrate a few sexy flexibility feats that will have you drooling and feeling the warm embrace of desire cozily wrapping up your body, making this set the perfect Christmas treat.

Happy Holidays!

Edit: You can check out her art book and stickers at this link.




Forrest Black and Dorothy and I did this shoot while we were working on the initial Kickstarter for the Ultra Happy Alarm coffee table book. Right now, that link still goes to the Kickstarter, but, in a couple weeks, we’ll have some preorder options at that link available for people who missed it. We livestreamed the beginning of this shoot to Kickstarter and elsewhere and then some of the naughty bits at . Please and email if you are interested in us livestreaming more shoots there. We’d love to hear from you!

Anyway, happy holidays, everyone! Dorothy makes a delightful sparkly tinseled elf spreading the holiday cheer 🙂
–Amelia G




Happy Holidays!


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