Bunny Girl Miku Cosplay

At first I thought it was a Kurousagi from the anime, “Problem Children Are Coming from Another World Aren’t They?” but I was proven wrong by the cosplayer herself. Oops! While it did seem like it was Kurousagi at first, according to Chinese cosplayer, 音萝喵 (Yīn luó miāo), this is actually her version of Vocaloid’s Hatsune Miku in a bunny girl outfit. How creative!

To everyone who are not familiar with cosplaying, modifying cosplayed characters isn’t unusual to see. Although it is not often done and there have been quite a few controversies regarding modifying instead of making an original, cosplay is still cosplay, and everyone is a creator and is free to interpret any character as they please. As long as they’re not joining any contests and are dressing up just for themselves and just purely for fun, then I don’t see the point in shamming their effort.

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