Admiral! Time To Get Into The Water With I-8


It may be too soon for some to even think of going into the water, but for a ship girl, getting wet is just part of the job. Cold weather is not a problem. I mean, hey, ships were made to go into the ocean! Right? Were you thinking of something else?

With Season two already set to come out in August 2017 and the game becoming even more popular after the first season of the anime was released, it’s obvious that even up to this point in time, cosplays would still be flooding. For example, this one here of Kantai Collection‘s I-8, cosplayed by MiMi Chan and photographed by Vuong Vu Viet also known as W. Photography.

Since the release of the anime, the game has gradually added more ship girls to the already heavily populated list of playable characters on the web game that is soon to be released in English. So don’t miss it when it’s out!


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