Nero and Tamamo Swimsuit Cosplay

Is it summer yet? Because I’m already feeling the heat and currently entertaining the idea of hitting the beach with these two ladies from Fate Grand Order. As the famous otaku saying goes, “no anime series is ever complete without a beach episode” and I guess some people have carried over this belief when it comes to cosplay. Perhaps this was what was going on through cosplayers, Lo1iTa’s and Jì chuān’s minds when they were brainstorming about their next cosplay.

Personally, I love the beach cosplay photoshoots because it’s always interesting to see how the cosplayers and photographers handle themselves while shooting in such locations like the windy or muggy beach. I also look forward to seeing how creative they can be; whether or not they go for more post processing and cinematics after the shoot or just keep it as is.

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