Road Warriors Masuimi Max style


There are some shoots that are so good that my job gets darn right difficult. This is one of those shoots. With Masuimi Max heading back as the Road Warrior (with friends in tow!), we get to see a lot of what makes cosplay great. Women wearing killer movie themed attire? Check. Same women wielding weapons? Check. Models hanging off the side of a car? Check. Dangerous use of aforementioned weapons? Check check and check.

Not only that, but there are even a few photos of the girls having fun with dogs. I mean, real honest beams of joy cutting through the desolate post-punk shoot. There is so much going on with this shoot it was nigh impossible to pick ‘just 2’ photos. I stand by my choice–Masuimi putting that spike to her face is priceless and the action shot of all three on the car is just perfect. There were so many great shots I had to leave out ranging from the very sensual (Masuimi has a bit of an oral fetish in one shot) to the serious (you need to see those guns these women are rocking!) to the darn right playful (the scenes with the dogs).

That’s really the beauty of Masuimi Max, isn’t it? We can focus on how everyone looks completely punk and like they just walked out of the Mad Max sequel, but there are so many different layers to these shoots that you really could break these down into different sets. Other models might have done this, but not Masuimi. She lays all the cards on the table and shows us the wholeness of her and that pays off really well in this shoot.

There’s nothing more for me to set up for the Road Warriors. You really need to see the rest of the shoot to fully enjoy why Masuimi Max is the powerhouse she is today.


79 photos: Morat
makeup: Jennifer Corona using I Am Sin
with Christy Mack and Erin Micklow

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