Happy Birthday, Veronica Chaos!


VeronicaChaos is one of my favorite digital people ever. I can’t believe how long it has been since the last time I wrote her up. 2016 is clearly kicking my ass. Also, VeronicaChaos has not been online much lately. She says she is going to be back broadcasting full force in July. She has tons of cosplay videos and she is going to be costuming all the time this month. She has upgraded a bunch of her equipment, including her green screen. VeronicaChaos says that Pee Wee’s Playhouse is one of her big inspiration. Check out her use of layers in the green screen! Nice use of tech. Anyway, VeronicaChaos is currently ranked #10 and she only has to finish July in the top 100 for all her supporters, even the non-baller ones like me, to get a puppet gangbang video. Yes, a puppet gangbang video. It is entirely free to register your online username on the site to chat with everyone and watch VeronicaChaos frost a birthday cake, if you know what I mean 😉 (What I mean is that she is literally frosting a birthday cake and telling tales of Easy Bake Ovens.)

Happy birthday, VeronicaChaos! Many happy returns! You always take it to the next level.

PS Shoutout to Belial for that baller tip kick-off to her mega month of July!








Name: VeronicaChaos
Hi! I’m Veronica Chaos, the ventriloquist camgirl! I specialize in weird boners and everything you didn’t know you need in your life! Thanks for checking me out!

Me and this c*nt make all sorts of crazy pornos, though she calls it “art” because fucking camgirls. She’s too good for privates.

SLAPPY! I prefer to spend my time in public, hanging out with my friends and entertaining the room. Stop by and get to know us!


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