Marylin Flirtatious and Spicy Persona Cosplay


Marilyn is cosplaying as Yukiko Amagi from the Persona videogames, and she is doing an amazing job at it thanks to all the elements she combines in this set of images and the traditional related video where more good stuff can be seen.

In this CosplayErotica set, Marylin combines her cute side with her sexy side to create an irresistible power full of eroticism, as you see her sweet side at first with how she smiles at you and the stance she takes in the earlier pictures, only to then be driven slowly but surely to the other side of her seductive personality where she shows you, little by little, more of her body with more suggestive poses, until her outfit is almost all gone, and she is playing with her yellow tie, hiding it in an unusual, but very tempting place.



Yukiko Amagi is a character from Persona 4. She is the protagonist’s classmate at Yasogami High School in Inaba, and her family runs the local hot springs inn called the Amagi Inn.





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