Bad Max beyond Masuimi Dome


Out of the ruins, out from the wreckage…Can’t make the same (bloody ‘NOT Safe for work’) mistake this time…

I will not break into a Tina Turner song (but seriously, that song still holds up!). Masuimi Max might just *slightly* like Mad Max. I mean, it’s not easy to tell, really. Seriously though, what is there not to like about those movies? Just reviewing Masuimi Max’s Mad Max shoots makes me want to dig me blu ray copy out and (master) blast the soundtrack. If anyone reading this review hasn’t seen at least one of the movies, you might want to drop your tablet/phone/etch-a-sketch and run to the tv for a bit. You’ll have such a deeper appreciation for what drives Bad Max if you see where she came from.

We find our heroine near her vehicle. The first thing I notice is, well, she looks exactly like she walked off the set of the movie (which movie? Take your pick–they’re all brilliant). I also noticed her ammo belt. I had one as a kid (I had a weird childhood). I can almost smell the shells and gun oil. This shoot brings me back to a great and somewhat better time. It also brings me to make a decision–do I pick two pictures that have her clothes on (both rather good) or do I pick a picture I really really want to show, but her mesh top, well, it exposed a bit too much of her for the “Safe for Work” crowd. It was a hard decision (difficult, even) but I couldn’t bring myself to censor Masuimi Max’s work.

In the end, we don’t need another hero…(but I sure the heck will take another look at this killer gritty–and I mean you can taste the sand just by clicking the links–Mad Max shoot).

68 photos: Morat
makeup: Jennifer Corona, using I Am Sin

Raw, dirty, no filter.. nitty gritty Mad Max shoot. To say I’m a Mad Max fan is an understatement. My father would watch the movies over and over when I was a kid. It’s just so awesome that Masuimi Max is my real birth name, I’m a real Max! I’m so happy my friend could help me organize this shoot. You’re probably wondering where I am and what the truck looks like, well.. you will see even more in the other sets we did. The location belongs to one of the organizers of Wasteland, the Mad Max event held in September. We bartered, Mad Max style, in exchange for letting us shoot there I get to perform at Wasteland! Notice I said ‘get to’ and not ‘have to’. It’s always great when work is something you want to do!

XOXO, Masuimi


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