A Masuimi Max Psyborg


Masuimi Max is back and this time she explores a bit of her Science Fiction side. This Psyborg shoot is definitely out of this world. One thing I immediately notice is, well, she doesn’t have a top on for the entire shoot. She does, however, use those latexted hands rather well in making a few SFW photos (whew!). I love this outfit. It is simple, it hugs in the right places, and covers just enough to leave to your imagination. Also–shoes. Seriously, look at those shoes! In one of the poses, Masuimi Max seems to have to invent a high-heeled Yoga-Tree pose just to pull off a few shots. I am not sure how she balances like that in those shoes as I can barely do that on a flat surface.

She does mention that her hair is actually gold in this shoot but the lighting does change the color of it a bit. If you are a member of the site, you don’t have to take her word for it–there is a video that goes with this still shot and her hair does, indeed, pop with gold there. Although, I do love the lighter tone too. It does bring out the silver lipstick and the purple eyeshadow. The lighting also brings out a bit of her tattoo definition and, well, you can see a whole lot of ink in this set. That’s always a good thing!

I love sci-fi movies, especially anything with aliens, cyborgs and other femme fatales of the mysterious kind. Yes, I like Star Trek, lol! The lighting in this set zaps the gold out of my hair, it sort of looks lavender.. which works really with the blues and silvers in the background. Shot at the Dragonfly in Hollywood, latex by Westward Bound.

XOXO, Masuimi


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