Masuimi Max as the mysterious Bambina


What can I say about this Masuimi Max shoot that isn’t rather darn evident by the photos? Masuimi Max is in her crime fighting alter ego, Bambina, and she’s really posed to kick butt. The costuming here is great. I really love the color choice as it goes so well with the room. The entire thing reminds me of what Alan Moore’s Watchmen could have been on the big screen but (much to his and my dismay) wasn’t.

Wouldn’t you think that Masuimi Max would be perfect for that superhero role? Seriously, would you resist if she came at you in order to apprehend you? She has the look and the shoes for fighting crime. Take a look at those shoes! They are so killer, I can barely describe them besides, ‘They are like this cross between a Dutch shoe, with some funky metal on the back and a spike that looks more Steampunk than stilleto’. I loved them so much, I used the full length picture just to showcase them. Maybe I have a shoe fetish (or maybe I just know kick butt badass shoes when I see them!).

There is one shot that I debated if I could show. She stares at us straight through the camera lens. Her antlers are more goddess like than phallic and the shadowing is done so you can see the outline of her body, but it really highlights the curve and smoothness of her face. Her expression is priceless. I really wanted to include it but the shadow nipple poked a bit through the screen. Oh well, I guess you have to just see it for yourself!

71 photos: Holly Randall
latex: Violaceous
shoes: Hades Footwear
head piece: Bubbles and Frown
makeup: I Am Sin

I’m the mysterious Bambina.. the bad ass femme fatale that fights crime in the nude.



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