Nia’s Dangerously Hot Cait Cosplay


This cosplay is not only super-hot, but it also comes at a very good time since the new Fallout 4 DLC has just been released.

The game has some great adventures, for example: remember when you go to the combat zone and discover that it is a fighting pit? There, if you save the fighters from the cage you get Cait as a companion.

You may be wondering right about now: what is going on, shouldn’t we be discussing some hottie dressed up in a sexy outfit?

Well, yes, but all in due time, and also, if you allow me to stretch the use of folksy wisdom: good things come to those who wait. Or, great things like in this case where CosplayErotica has a great surprise for you with the beautiful Nia cosplaying as the companion Cait from Fallout 4.

She is wearing a very nice costume that shows you all the roughness this character has been through, while also preserving the elements that make her look like a total badass who can hold her own in a fight, only in this case, instead of fighting, she is taking a break and instead she is showing you her sexy body in different poses and levels of naked that will make your lone survivor rise to the occasion.



Cait is a cage fighter and a possible companion living in the Combat Zone in 2287.





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