EmmyLove brings the fight as Cammy


There’s nothing like Comic Con. I love the costumes and the originality. What I am seeing in EmmyLove’s room brings me back to the main hall. At first I thought she had the hair and the hat, but then I started to watch her show. She put together a rather killer Cammy costume together in front of us. I remember playing Street Fighter with Jason S______ before (he was rather good at it. Okay, to be honest he kicked my butt 9 times out of 8. That’s right–he even killed me in the bonus rounds). I wasn’t very good at Cammy but Jason could make her sing.

Fast forward ‘a few’ years and here we have Cammy in the flesh. Emmy Love does an amazing Cammy from costume to pose style. I haven’t seen Emmy Love before and I am so glad to have caught her. She seems like an amazing cosplayer and a great asset to MFC-land.

Username: EmmyLove
Gender: Female
Body Type: Slim/Petite
Weight: 1337 pounds
Height: 1337 inches
Age: 70
City: Gotham City
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
About Me:
Tags: better then good, strangely addictive, 1337 skills, smells nice, hydrating, super crazy awesome, air guitar, edible, gunshow, big kahonees, zombie apocalypse asset, healing properties, tag youre it, late night menu, coupons accepted, gamer, audiophile, magical, tiny person, smile factory, mechanically inclined, gas guzzler, organic gardener, chef, never makes the bed, ninja, as seen on the internet, unicorn, boobs, global boner distribution, your mom says hi, obviously very seriouse


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