M.Bison Cammy Cosplay by Raychul Moore


If you have watched the whole series of street fighter, you must have known that Cammy is just the female clone of Bison. In most cases, we usually see Cammy in a green thong leotard and Bison in his red signature army clothes. However, in the Super Street Fighter IV, her costume resembled that of M. Bison’s attire. Red but absolutely fierce and hot!

I’ve seen many cosplayers do an M. Bison Cammy Cosplay, but for me, Raychul Moore rocked the look better than the rest. In my point of view, I’d say she made it look more elegant but fierce at the same time.

Photos were taken by Ngo Photography, Dan Tuttle, and Raychul herself. We love Raychul Moore so much that we put her on the cover of Bazowie! magazine.


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