Masuimi Max turns savage


In this BlueBlood shoot by Chad Michael Ward, Masuimi Max is dressed in a bit of an older savage look. The shoot seems to revolve around Masuimi Max breaking into a camp and discovering the strangeness of a modern society. It’s a shoot of discovery and this relies on the facial ability of Masuimi Max. Not a lot of models can pull off what Masuimi Max does (no, I don’t mean her clothes!). She carries the scene with her eyes and face. There is one more thing I want to mention about this shoot, other than Masuimi Max’s body has to be seen to be believed. The backdrop of the red works really well with her hair and clothing. Even when she is naked (and yes, she does get naked here) the red brings a nice balance between her skin and the room. Well done on the artistic venue!



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