Masuimi Max as a samurai


Masuimi Max makes one sexy samurai in this shoot for BlueBlood by Chad Michael Ward. She might not slice and dice in this, but Masuimi Max does get quite intimate with the viewer here. The way she caresses the blade is just the tip of the iceberg for this shoot. Her gaze penetrates the viewer and you can sense a quiet deadliness in the way she caresses the sword. When she bares herself, later on in this shoot, there seems to be a projected vulnerability from Masuimi Max. She might be the deadly weapon the earlier pictures claim her to be, but she has a deep feminine side that comes out later. I think this balance–the fine line between danger and femininity–is played very well by Masuimi Max and captured perfectly by Chad Michael Ward.


Masuimi is so sexy, but for some reason, looking at this set, the only thing in my head other than her magnificent form, is cheeburger, cheeburger cheeburger…hahaha! ~Forrest


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