Foxy Gal gets down to the bare essentials


The Foxy Gal that I did so much enjoy the last time I saw her. I am glad she has her own video set too. She deserves it. This video really lets me explore a lot more of her wonderfully tattoo’d body and I take great advantage of the opportunity. As you can see, I even got you a screenshot of the tattoo in the video. Sure, it is a Safe For Work screen shot, but hey, that’s what the video is for when you watch it later. Trust me, there is plenty of great material here in the video. Her bra, no matter how lovely it hugs her body, gives way to her paws and those paws, well, they get busy as only a Fox can.

One day, I will need to write Cosplay-Mate a ‘Thank You’ note for allowing me to see all of these cool videos. I know I am lucky, but why not get lucky too and put this video on with me.


This lady isn’t all she seems to be. Legend goes that she was born a fox but wanted to be human. A chance encounter changed both her worldview and her body. Sucking the life energy out of a dying wizard, she morphed to the foxy being we see now. Now a very seductive creature from a famous league, she might suck out more than just your life force. Not that sucking more out of anyone would be a problem.


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