Foxy Foxy


When I see this model from Cosplay-Mate in action, I think of the Rob Zombie song, “Foxy Foxy”. Her backstory is fun to read and it does remind me a bit of the original Little Mermaid (without the horribly sinister ending, of course. If you ever wanted to destroy people’s childhoods, just teach a class in Children’s Lit).

I love the sexual energy here. The entire shoot borders between sweetness and sex. This is shown everywhere from her laced up calves to her phallic tails. I am going to show you two images, the first sweet and the other naughty. These sum up the shoot pretty well. There are a lot of shots I couldn’t show that are pretty cool too (there’s this one where she poses in a seated flying kick type position with her ballet shoes pointed out and her body is arched back. It reminded me of a Cleopatra shot for a movie publicity). All in all, she is, indeed Foxy, Foxy.


This lady isn’t all she seems to be. Legend goes that she was born a fox but wanted to be human. A chance encounter changed both her worldview and her body. Sucking the life energy out of a dying wizard, she morphed to the foxy being we see now.

Now a very seductive creature from a famous league, she might suck out more than just your life force. Not that sucking more out of anyone would be a problem.



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