Iveta in armor


This shoot presented by Roman Sluka features Iveta and a nice suit of armor. The armor comes in all sizes and shapes from chain to leather to plate. If she was a Warcraft character, she must be a Hunter (for the non-vanilla players, “everything” was “Hunter loot” back then no matter the type). I love the chainmail on her, but it is the plate that really sets things off here. BlueBlood gives the fans a great helmet shot and, as you see here, something that reminds me a lot of Ash. If you don’t know who Ash is, well, Google: Bruce Campbell and go beg your local video store for a few hours of pure gold.

Iveta’s lean muscular body plays great with the armored warrior look. I can’t imagine how heavy all of the gear must be, but she strikes more than a few poses with it and her sword. One thing I learned about reviews–never come between a lady and her sword.


Have I mentioned yet today how much I love armor? I have? Well, okay, I just really do love armor and metal clothing. Yum! Fandom fun.
–Amelia G


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