Freaky Queen Friday Night


It is Friday night and, if you know that means circus fetish and black metal, then you just might be a fan of big top clown beauty Freaky Queen. Happy Friday, everyone 😉

freaky_queen big top clown babe

Username: Freaky_Queen
CamScore: 2419
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Age: 21
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Tags: freak, goth, mistress, goddess, fetish, metal, smart, femdom, blue eyes, nice ass, twerk, dancer, funny, friendly, lesbian
Favorite Books: The Tell-Tale Heart; The Little Prince; Faust; Robinson Crusoe; A Red Flower; Alice through the Looking Glass; Gobseck; Thumbelina; and Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
Favorite Music: Judas Priest; Twisted Sister; Slayer; KISS; Lady Gaga; Pantera; Alice in Chains; Marilyn Manson; and Motley Crue.
Favorite Shows: New Girl; Luther; Evolution: Little Mermaid; Land of the Lost; Misfits; Blue Mountain State; Casanova; V for Vendetta; Dracula 2000; Dude, Where’s My Car; and Show Girls.


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