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Welcome to the Show with Freak Queen

Welcome to the Show with Freak Queen

Freaky Queen the cutest little rainbow-colored circus hat tonight. I like that she has a consistent crazy unique style, but she varies what she does with her look....

freaky_queen big top clown babe

Freaky Queen Friday Night

It is Friday night and, if you know that means circus fetish and black metal, then you just might be a fan of big top clown beauty Freaky Queen. Happy Friday, everyone...

Darkness Takes the Freaky Queen

Darkness Takes the Freaky Queen

Marie a.k.a. Freaky Queen has quite the circus fetish. She usually does a sort of death metal take on circus big top, but tonight is a more King Diamond take than usual....

freaky_queen cam circus glitter

Glitter Epic Freaky Queen

Freaky Queen is all glittered up tonight, still rocking her unique signature look. She is listening to some old Led Zeppelin, the kind of music just made for epic...

Freaky_Queen Ringmaster Babe

Ringmaster Freaky Queen

Freaky Queen is listening to some kinda death metal tracks tonight and she looks like a kinky circus ringmaster, come to tell all the children of the night what to do....

freakyqueen cam circus green hair

Freaky Queen Returns

Freaky Queen has been offline for a while. She is back now with her hair that sort of green yellow of highlighters. Such a great color and, from what I’m told,...

freaky queen cam circus

Freaky Queen Brought the Circus to Town

Just a short time ago, Freaky Queen tweeted to the Sexy Fandom Twitter that the “Circus is here!” I saw the write-up Jim Phoenix did on Freaky Queen a few...


Freaky_Queen Clowns Around

I knew a guy who really went for women dressed in fetish clothing and yet was horrified of clowns. I’m not sure what he’d make of Freaky_Queen aka Marie. I...


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