Roxy covered in silver armor


We all know I am a big fan of Tony Swatton, so when I see that Sword & Stone is attached to this shoot, I am very excited to see what comes. BlueBlood presents Roxy as shot by Chad Michael Ward. If you aren’t familiar with Chad’s work, well, you should be. I can spend hours on his twitter feed and page just looking over his art. Right now his art is Roxy. Roxy really brings Swatton’s armor to life. She looks a bit like an updated Wonder Woman with the helm and bracers; even the breastplate fits the Wonder Woman mold. The centerpiece of her costume is the neck. This is where mastery comes into play. Most shoots wouldn’t think to include a neck, but this isn’t most shoots. The neck piece gives space to the breasts and facial features; it also allows the makeup job around the eyes to pull from the crown.

Overall, this is a solid shoot from start to finish. The armor looks made for Roxy and she poses quite splendidly in it. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.


Roxy is scrumptious in this armor series, lensed by Chad Michael Ward. Armor courtesy of Sword & Stone. Oh, how I love, love, love metal clothing.
–Amelia G


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