Liv Revamped as Psylocke Rocks Your World


Being an X-man is a stressful experience, luckily Liv Revamped cosplaying as Psylocke, at VRCosplayX, is here to help you find a release. While Psylocke is an Omega-level telepath, when Liv takes on the role, she becomes an Omega-level hottie as well. In X-Men: Psylocke A XXX Parody, Psylocke wants to know what all the fuss is over you, Scott Summers, and why you have landed so many of the hottest female members of the X-Men.

Liv captures the sexuality of Psylocke in this video and really shows why this mutant was the first crush a lot of young comic book readers ever had. She rocks the classic skin-tight leather suit Psylocke is known for, thigh-high boots and all. This girl is amazing, and her smile is gorgeous with just a hint of naughtiness behind it. If you think The Avengers are the best team in comics, this cosplay will definitely have you siding with the X-men from now on.

It’s a little challenging having Psylocke as part of your team, isn’t it Cyclops? Not only is she often dragging you along to missions that you’re not prepared for, but she is also constantly getting into your head with her telepathy. Today the two of you are supposed to be taking down a crime syndicate on the other side of town, but she can tell you’re distracted. “Don’t even begin to imagine the tight pussy under that outfit,” you think to yourself – Fuck! You’ve done it again. Dammit Scott, remember, she knows what you’re thinking! Today is your lucky day though, you have some time to kill and Psylocke is dripping at the thighs after taking a peek inside your thoughts. So go ahead and imagine fucking this bubble butted vigilante from behind, letting her ride your cock, and blowing your load in her mouth, and it just might become a (virtual) reality.


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