Vampy’s Uncanny Psylocke Cosplay


Linda Le, known as “Vampy Bit Me” or “Vampy”, is one of the more veteran cosplayers in the United States. A native of Oklahoma, Vampy is of East Asian descent, having been born to a family of Vietnamese immigrants. This makes her quite a perfect fit for cosplaying the X-Men’s psychic assassin Psylocke. I’d even wager to say that she could land an acting role for the next X-Men movie. Too bad (at least according to the rumor mill) that popular television host and model Olivia Munn (also from Oklahoma, and also with Chinese-Vietnamese heritage) is already slated for the role.

As you can very well see, Linda Le captures the very essence of Psylocke. A vixen with tremendous psychic powers and trained in various martial arts, Psylocke just exudes total bad-assery. Vampy’s exotic-deadly looks, lithe build and bustiness (female comic book heroes — you know the deal) all contribute to a fantastic, if not arguably the best in the world, Psylocke portrayal. It’s also her most recurring cosplay, and in my opinion, the very best of her work yet. 11/10 rating, in my fan book!

A side note on the pictures below. The first one is her most recent Psylocke cosplay, from this year’s Comic Con in Chile. The picture after that is from FHM Singapore‘s cover shoot feature of Linda, back in December 2013.

If you’re interested in more Vampy cosplay, check out her official weblog and YouTube channel (rarely updated though).

For social media junkies, she also has a Facebook account and a Twitter account.

For more sexy female superheroes like Psylocke (and also comics, of course), you can head over to Marvel’s official website.

Vampy's Psylocke Cosplay
Vampy's Psylocke Cosplay for FHM
Psylocke in the Comic Books


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