Psylocke by Vampy Bit Me Cosplay


“Based on Jim Lee’s card. This is an ode to my favorite artist of an era where I lived and breathed comic books. Jim Lee influenced my art tastes while growing up, and he still is the best X-Men artist in my honest opinion.”

Well, this Psylocke is nicely done, Vampy!

Actually, I think this must be the best Cosplay tribute ever made.

Simply Stunning!

Great idea and great execution.

Great work at retreating this image, too.

I am also a huge Jim Lee fan, I pretty much memorized every line and detail of his Uncanny X-men comics, and later X-men series.

You look exactly like Psylocke – actually this is the best Psylocke model I have seen yet!

Absolute perfection. Everything about this piece is perfect and couldn’t have been done better by anyone else.

Love it.

If you want to see what this girl do, visit her Facebook, Twitter and YouTube page.

Photos were taken by Long Vo.


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