KathTea Sexy Leopard Snowflakes


This GodsGirls set is something interesting because of its unusual and fantastic nature. The leopard makeup that KathTea has on is very detailed and it really gives her some mysterious feline qualities.

To keep with the Christmas spirit, KathTea is not only posing for you sexily, so as to fill your heart with joy (and some other lustful things), but she is also surrounded with snowflakes arranged in a very elegant manner. They could either be a part of the background décor, or they can take up a more active role and help emphasize an element you should be paying attention.

This is one leopard with which you wouldn’t mind stumbling upon.



Name KathTea
Age 888
Gender Cis-female and androgynous
Relationship Status Single
Sexy Orientation Pansexual
Occupation Model & Corsetmaker
Location HURR DURR
Hometown Ponyville
Sign Capricorn
About Me ||I’m really actually truly born on New Year’s Day. No shit




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