The Cat’s Meow


Let’s face it. The best Catwoman in recent history was Michelle Pfeiffer. When I see this shoot, it reminds me a lot of Pfeiffer’s role. This model is sexy, elegant, and a bad kitty. The costume is pretty good too. I love the mask. It allows us to see her face, but it also gives a form-fit for the ears. Don’t forget her pants and top are also form fitting and that extends to her gloved hands and spike heel covered feet.

Cosplay-Mate does give her a whip in some of the photos and the NSFW area shows her doing “Cat Lift” from Yoga. Yes, a bit of an odd twist, but lovely done. One thing I find out in the mostly nude area of this shoot is that she has long hair tucked away under that mask. I think this just further adds to the Pfeiffer-esque charm.


Burglar, thief, sneak; this lady has many callings. She will take what she wants and leave before anyone knows. Just don’t try to stop her, that whip isn’t just for show. She can take on larger sizes. But size doesn’t matter for this cat.
She likes being petted. Making this kitten purr is something many want to try, and if lucky, she will return the favor.



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