Clockwork as Ariel the Little Mermaid


This little piece by GodsGirls features Clockwork as the Disney version (you can tell because her feet aren’t bleeding) of the Little Mermaid. There are a lot of things to like about Clockwork. She is a kick-butt model who has an R2D2 tattoo that has either worms or tentacles (darn my glasses) spewing around him. I dig the weird and, let me tell you, it don’t get much weirder than that. I think Ariel would have benefited from having tattoos. I also think she would have benefited from watching the original trilogy (if I have to tell you which trilogy I mean, may I simply send you to watch Clerks II). Think of all of the lessons Ariel stumbled through that would have been summed up for her in theatrical form, including the original book ending of some sort of weird Force purgatory people go through after they die.

From fish scale leggings to a bathtub full of redheaded slinky hotness, this photoshoot does have it all. Extra Bonus Points if you can tell me what’s with the fork. What fork? Well, you’ll see…


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