Dahlia in the Cell


I’ve seen the movie, The Cell, before. I vaguely recall some really great costuming for Lopez and I do recall this mask. I, however, do not recall Lopez ever looking half as good as Dahlia does in it. Dahlia looks completely different with the mask on. It’s weird how just a small facial augmentation can mess with a person’s ability to identify another. Amelia G and Forrest Black do a great job here to bring out the mystery of the Cell mask, but their best work really is on one of the last pages of the shoot. It is a photo where Dahlia has her eyes closed. Time stands still in that one, but you will have to click on over to see for yourself.

A quick word on Tony Swatton–if you do not know the name, I can almost guarantee you know his work. I am a big fan of a lot of his crafted items and it was pretty cool to have him donate the mask for this photoshoot. He is a pretty talented guy and if you ever get a chance, you should look his work up. You won’t be sorry.


Jennifer Lopez wore this mask in the movie The Cell. I haven’t seen that movie, but Tony Swatton kindly provided the mask for Forrest Black and me to shoot and the buxom Dahlia looks spooky sexy in it.
–Amelia G


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