Masuimi Max poses in a yellow Kill Bill outfit


Confession time: I have never seen Kill Bill. I tried–once–but I had pneumonia so bad, that I kept passing out and only woke up to the “present moment” scenes. I actually think the entire movie happens in an office with two people talking. This is a bit of an experience for me to review Masuimi Max in this particular outfit. The choice in wardrobe, especially the swords, really pushes this photoshoot into something extra special. As demonstrated by this image, shot by Chad Michael Ward, the form fitting outfit accentuates Masuimi Max in all the right places. We all know Masuimi Max has a great body, but it is the way she holds herself, and the swords, that I love. Her poses are kinetic–they aren’t static–you can feel the movement in stillness. She is a tiger ready to pounce.

I couldn’t show you the shoes in this SFW preview, but I will tell you they are yellow heels with black spikes about 6″ long. Now, mind you, I didn’t take a ruler to her shoes (note to self…) but those heels are massively big and Masuimi Max displays some wicked balance to pull most of these moves off.

Masuimi Max Kill Bill

My favorite Masuimi shots are almost certainly the ones where she brandishes weapons so very well, so I’m excited to share this tasty set, shot by Chad, with you all. Blue Blood features more than a thousand fine images of the lovely Masuimi Max. This is set number twenty-eight. That is a lot of hotness. In case you are still craving more Masuimi, after that many pictures, you may still be able to find a copy of the August issue of Bizarre with her on the cover on the stands. The issue of Heavy Metal with her on the cover should be hitting newsstands now. Blue Blood has all the covergirls 🙂
–Amelia G


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