Lady Death and Vampirella Cosplay


A bisexual lady vampire, wearing nothing but a latex bikini and thigh high boots that allow her bountiful assets to nearly fall free, seducing the queen of hell herself Lady Death. Sounds like something straight out of an erotic fan fiction doesn’t it? Suprisingly in the comic book world of Lady Death, a moment like this isn’t hard to find. What is truly surprising is how well this scene can be brought to life by talented cosplayers.

Canadian cosplayers Cynthia and Evilyn with photographer Ken Nash had no trouble getting intimate with each other to bring the seductive moments between Lady Death and Vampirella to life. Pouring their lovely bodies into latex bikinis that will never leave your memories before exploring each other with their hands. Tempting each other with ruby lips, daring glances, and erotic touches. Their cosplays are so spot you might think you’re reading a Lady Death comic.


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