Divine Cosplay of the Deity, Anubis

Cosplay usually means dressing up as manga, anime, or video game characters. As I’ve observed, in Japan, aside from the latter definition given, cosplay usually refers to dressing up in virtually any costume. They use the term cosplay when it comes to instances such as dressing up in a maid outfit even when it’s not based off of a character.

The definition of cosplay wasn’t that broad when it started and there weren’t much rules on how it’s supposed to be worn and it was all fun. However through the course of time as it spread through the world, for some reason, there are suddenly unwritten “rules” and often times you hear criticisms like “that is not cosplay, this is cosplay” or “it’s not Japanese anime or manga it’s not cosplay”.

So for this cosplay I’m about to share to you, I’ll let you be the judge. Here’s Japanese cosplayer, Non-summer Jack‘s cosplay¬≠ of “Anubis” which is inspired by the Egyptian deity of the same name. What do you think?

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