BlueBlood gives Twiggy some LashyDoodle magic


LashyDoodle–I love them and you’re about to see why. This BlueBlood shoot by Amelia G and Forrest Black features Twiggy rocking on a couch (with some damn fine heels!) and rocking some LashyDoodle magic.

Perfect, lush, gorgeously insane (and easy to apply!) lashes plus black spiked heels, and the amazing Twiggy–how the hell can you go wrong? You can’t! Twiggy is the perfect model for these lashes and the shoot. Twiggy’s aura of suave mixed with the porcelain skin tone and just enough hint of red to drive the point home elevates the sofa shoot into something cross between an adult Wednesday and a revisioned (no pun, I swear) Scarlet Witch ready to rock the night.

Although I’ve never had Rick James (RIP) over to trash my couch, I am sure we can all agree that the story would have a slightly different ending if it was Twiggy. Click on to see what I mean.

This was a fun series to shoot with Twiggy. It reminds me of the Charlie Murphy’s story of Rick James visiting Eddie Murphy’s house, from the Dave Chappelle show, ‘Fuck Yo Couch!’ Anyway, we had fun with this one, I hope you enjoy it too. Also, Twiggy is rocking some fancy LashyDoodle magnetic eyelashes, which is a project Amelia G and I have been working really hard on lately. She wanted big stylish lashes but hated putting them on, so we set out to invent the next generation of lash accessories using magnets instead of glue. They turned out amazing and we have so much to tell you all about them. You are invited to come check take a closer look on our Kickstarter campaign right now. We could really use the support to bring these out to everyone! So, come put on your big beautiful lashes and your high heel shoes and wreck some stuff with us!
Forrest Black-


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