Cassandra Pentaghast by Dark Incognito Cosplay


I have been waiting for a Cassandra Pentaghast Cosplay since I played DA Inquisition. With no doubts, this is one of the most professional cosplay I have ever seen. Thank you Dark Incognito Cosplay, you did a perfect job!

Even at a first look, you can see that this costume is incredible – from idea, to the armor and acting. And all pictures look like a poster from some professional film. Great work, girl!

And not to mention that Dark Incognito has perfect pose and expression… Although she is wearing a full body armor, omg – she is so hot. Perfect warrior girl!

And those highlights for the worn metal look… really stunning. Thumbs up for this girl!

If you want to see more of Dark Incognito Cosplay visit her Facebook, Instagram or Deviant Art page and enjoy in her remarkable work.

Photos were taken by incredible talented photographer Akami.


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