Sisters Conflict!: Lady Thor and Lady Loki Cosplay by Artful Anarchy

In sibling relationships, rivalries can’t be helped, most especially when it’s fueled by deep emotions such as jealousy. It is, of no doubt, a common scenario among us humans being imperfect by nature. As for the gods, surprisingly you’ll see that they happen to have the same issues too. Thor and Loki for example who considers themselves as brothers by blood. However, when the time came when their father chose Thor as the rightful heir of the throne, it made Loki so furious that the bond between them as brothers got easily torn asunder.

Here’s a sexy Lady Thor and Lady Loki cosplay by Artful Anarchy. Watch them as they battle for fierceness in these amazing photographs taken by Kelly Waterman Photography, Sonny Meas Photography, and CosPortraits.

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