Luna Lanie’s Vampirella Fan Service


If you’re looking for an extra hot fan service, instead of daydreaming about your favorite anime babes you should check out Luna Lanie‘s video on Youtube where she offers a short sexy dance as she dresses up as Vampirella.

Vampirella is the superheroine in the comic book Vampirella created by Forrest J Ackerman. According to the Vampirella comic book series, the vampiric race came from an alien planet called Drakulon. It is a planet where rivers of blood flow to support its inhabitants. However, when a catastrophic event came, Vampirella was forced to travel to Earth in search of blood to help her race survive but then she later became a vampire superheroine dressed in a red sling suit with a white collar and knee-high black boots.

Here’s more of Luna Lanie’s Vampirella cosplay in photographs. She wore this costume at Comic-Con and WonderCon where she was featured in #ThatCosplayShow by Ben Pace for Schadenfreude Industries.


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